Sketchpad.pro is like paint for the web - it's the fastest way to get simple drawing editor without needing any downloads or installations.


Using Sketchpad.pro you can save your sketches on your computer as well as in the cloud. This make sharing as simple as just sending a link or file.


Sketchpad.pro is a collaborative real-time graphic editor. Each user can draw on this same canvas simultaneously.

Real-time collaboration. The natural approach to visual communication.

If you’re hosting a meeting or getting a team of people to collaborate, sending them an editable link is the fastest way to get everyone to work together on the same drawing board.

real time

Powerful and straightforward. Add sketchpad to your website.

Sketchpad.pro is designed to keep light, fast and simple. It is possible to embed Sketchpad.pro editor into another web application. The embedded graphic editor can be customized to fit your needs.


Sketchpad is free. And allways will be.

Sketchpad.pro is also an open-source project. You can use it as long as you keep it free.